What’s your return policy?

We do not do refunds after the first scheduled practice.  We do not return any of our products after they have been distributed.

What size uniform should I order?

Size 4-6 = YXS Jersey & Shorts, 18″ socks

Size 6-8 = YS Jersey & Shorts, 18″ socks

Size 8-10 = YM Jersey & Shorts, 24″ socks

Size 12-14 = YL Jersey & Shorts, 24″ socks

Size 16-18 = AS Jersey & Shorts, 30″ socks

(All other Adult Jersey & Shorts, 30″ socks)

What size soccer ball will I need?

Size 3 = U6 players

Size 4 = U8 players

Size 5 = U10 / U12 / U14 players

What should I bring to every practice?

Comfortable practice clothes, water bottle, ball and shin guards

What if there are not enough players to make a team at my park?

Stars Soccer League makes every effort to keep you close to your home park, in the event not enough participants register for a particular age group, we will communicate with parents about their child transferring to another park.

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